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 Sunglasses have long been associated with movie stars and celebrities, at first to protect their eyes from the bright stage lights and now with the rich and famous primarily to mask their identity.  More recently sunglasses in the latest shapes, styles and colors may be in vogue as a fashion accessory.  Now sunglasses have become apart of your outfit,  You need a different pair of sunglasses everyday to stay up to date with the current fashion.

Sunglasses are also recommended for protection against glare whenever your outside or exposed to bright lights and are a beneficial defense for your eyes against ultraviolet radiation which may damage and cause wrinkles around your eyes.


Protection for your eyes

Prolonged exposure to solar ultra violet (UV) radiation may result in acute and chronic health effects on the immune system, skin and your eyes.  UVA light has a  longer wavelength and penetrates deeper into the skin than UVB light.  UVA light is thought to be a prime cause of wrinkles.   High intensities of UVB light are hazardous to the your eyes, and exposure may lead to cataracts, pterygium , and pinguecula formation. 

Most sunglasses lenses are made of high-grade shatterproof polycarbonate (Polycarbonate lenses are the lightest) and features glare blocking and anti-reflective coating.  Lenses also offer the maximum UV 400 protection which blocks 100% UVA, UVB and harmful short-wave blue light from your eyes.

Here are some things you should consider when purchasing sunglasses.


All though faces come in many shapes and sizes the relationship of your eyes and ears are about the same, and because sunglasses may take months to manufacture they come in standard dimensions.

The dimensions for all sunglasses are about the same 5.5" wide, from one arm of the frame to the other arm.  Each arm length is 5" but the total length of the sunglasses from the front of the frame to the arm extension about 6.5", this is because of the curvatures of the frame itself an inch and a half.

Lenses comes in an array of shape and size.  The average height of the lens is 1.5" and 2.5" for oversize lenses which you will find many celebrities wearing today.

Sunglasses styles

There are three common styles: full frame, half frame, and frameless.
  • Full frame - the frame all around the lenses.
  • Half frames - the frame only goes around half the lens
  • Frameless - no frame around the lenses and arms are attached directly to the lenses


Nylon or metal frames

The frames are coated for advanced protection and made of high quality carbon nylon which is durable, light weight and flexible.  They are able to bend slightly and return to their original shape instead of breaking when pressure is applied to them.  The metal or metal alloy frames are more rigid, some models have spring loaded hinges and many of the sunglasses are fitted with a rubber memory strip for a snug fit.

Colors and Shades

The shades of colors may be very subtle; a light or dark lens, a plain or pattern frame, even a solid or translucent crystal colored arm.  So, look for sunglasses that come in a variety colors.

The lenses for example come in a fire plasma, ice blue, brown, grey or black.  The colors on the frame and arms will vary also.  It is important to wear sunglasses that match the colors of your cloths, a different outfit and a matching pair of sunglasses because sunglasses can give you a little attitude, change your mood and accent your personality.

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