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Xloop Sunglasses
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Sunglasses save more then 98% over other name brand sunglasses

Cheap Sunglasses

When most people think cheap sunglasses; they think about sunglasses that break easily, won't last long and are of very poor quality. Sunglasses do not have to be expensive to make a statement. You can be thrifty and purchase quality sunglasses.


Inexpensive Quality Sunglasses

What makes an inexpensive but quality sunglass, It's the technology.

Lenses features glare blocking and anti-reflective coating Shatterproof polycarbonate made of a thermoplastic material that is flexible and light weight; It has the highest impact-resistance of all lens materials. Maximum UV 400 protection which blocks 100% UVA, UVB and harmful blue light from you eyes.

Frames are made of high quality lightweight carbon nylon the most durable frames you can buy or metal, coated for advanced protection fitted with memory strips for a snug fit; some sunglass styles come with spring hinges


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X Loop Sunglasses

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Polarized Sunglasses


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